Automobile, Homeowners, Health, Business and Personal Liability

Consumers are frustrated when they have paid large amounts of money for insurance only to have their claims denied when they suffer an insured loss.  Ms. Courvoisier has experience working on behalf of clients to ensure that they are paid and receive the coverage to which they are entitled.  

At Courvoisier Law we provide the following services:

  • Personal representation and advise to individuals and businesses who are being represented by an insurance company's attorney in a civil action for personal injury or other liability;
  • Claims by an insurance purchaser against his or her insurance company for refusing to provide coverage or pay a claim;
  • Third-party claims by injured persons against the insurance company of the person who injured them;
  • Advice and recommendations regarding mandatory or optional insurance coverage for individuals and businesses;
  • Pursuit of insurance bad faith actions and unfair practices actions.