Real Estate Development

Homeowner and Landowner Associations, Subdividing, Municipal Law, Zoning, Variances

At Courvoisier Law, we assist associations, businesses, and individuals with the complicated process of subdividing and developing real estate.  Our services include:

  • Advising and representing homeowner and landowner associations in drafting and amending their organizational documents including by-laws and restrictive covenants; ensuring compliance with New Mexico statutes and regulations; enforcing restrictive covenants;  
  • Advising clients in the subdividing process including compliance with State, county, and municipal subdividing requirements;
  • Representation and assistance with documents required to complete the subdividing process;
  • Representation at county and municipal subdividing, zoning variance, and impact hearings;
  • Drafting of real estate contracts;
  • Drafting of restrictive covenants;
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants.