Real Estate Transactions

Some of the legal issues we frequently see in Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Tularosa, and Ruidoso involve real estate.  The history of the area and the Western tradition of conducting business with a handshake result in complicated issues involving titles, access, and enforcement of rights.  At Courvoisier Law, we assist our clients with the resolution and litigation of the following:

  • Real estate contract drafting, negotiation, and enforcement;
  • Breach of real estate contracts;
  • Foreclosure and foreclosure defense;
  • Real estate purchase warranty issues;
  • Seller and purchaser representation in seller-financed real estate transactions including the drafting of all required documents;
  • Easement and access issues including enforcement of easements and trespass;
  • Trespass, nuisance, and damages to property;
  • Real estate construction contract drafting;
  • Construction defects and breach of contract;
  • Drafting of leases and rental agreements;
  • Landlord / tenant matters;
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants;
  • Disputes with lenders involving mortgages, default,  and insurance.